Montalbano’s tour

The little, golden-stoned town is spread out below, the sea beyond, a blue vapor everywhere. On the steps of the grand Commissariato/ police station – a man lounges in the morning silence. His name is Salvo Montalbano. Andrea Camilleri, the author, and the moody and melancholic inspector Montalbano who made him famous in the world, act in a beloved, dreamed and remembered land by Camilleri and sublimated by his main character, in a game of memory and passion for an island that is incredibly multifaceted. He sophisticated landscape descriptions in the texts and especially the beautiful shots of the TV series have shown the wild beauty of the Sicily that Camilleri felt running through his veins. “Sicilians carry the blood of 13 different occupying powers. The result is that we have the intelligence of true bastards, their vivacity, richness and cunning”. This richness informed every page of Camilleri’s books: it’s there not only in the restless, smart, inconstant, gourmandising character of Salvo Montalbano – a cultured cop whose ingrained scepticism proves invaluable in his line of work – but is refracted and reflected in the gallery of friends, family members, work associates, mafiosi, witnesses and victims that he encounters along the way. Vigata and Montelusa might be invented names, but they portray real cities and towns: from Ragusa to Scicli, from Modica to Punta Secca, renamed Marinella in the fiction, a small fishing village known worldwide for its famous terrace overlooking the sea and its lighthouse. Following the trail of the Inspector in his land will allow you to immerse yourselves in the authentic Sicily, the rural and astonishing place that Camilleri lovingly narrated in each of his novels: a land where you can get lost in the absolute beauty of nature and the small villages and where passions and intrigues still have the flavor of respect and honor

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