Hidden gem nestled in a beautiful setting of golden stonework which glows in the sunshine, Scicli is an appealing baroque town, spilling along three river valleys, dominated by soaring limestone cliffs. No town has an urban structure connected to nature in as fascinating a way as Scicli. The intimate relationship with the landscape that determines the urban layout is most apparent in the old residential area, between the hill of San Matteo and two canyon that embrace it, Santa Maria la Nova and San Bartolomeo. Take a wander down via Francesco Mormina Penna street lined with the baroque churches of San Giovanni, San Michele and Santa Teresa and pop in to have a gander at the undulating facade of San Bartolomeo’s church. Don’t miss the impressive Beneventano palace, whose grotesque masks, with lolling tongues and bald heads, are tucked under the balconies. Scicli will steal your hearth instantly.

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