Steep paths and narrow streets, Ragusa offers you a break to a hidden world. Hear the past in what your eyes perceive, walking across the ancient cobblestone alleys and soaking up the atmosphere of this baroque town. But be careful. Ragusa is also a town with two distinct identities: Ragusa Superiore, the modern area laid out on a grid system over mountain plateau, where the middle class people moved after the 1693 earthquake; Ragusa Ibla, rebuilt on the ruins of the ancient town, whose gorgeous architecture of baroque plazas, balconies and buildings pop you at each step as you meander your way through the town. Ibla is a fantastic Sicilian baroque set made of golden limestone Palazzi and the churches of San Giuseppe, Immacolata, San Giacomo and Anime Sante del Purgatorio. The main square, Piazza Duomo and the breathtaking church of San Giorgio will transport you back in time.

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