Amazing like an Opera scene, not without a reason is the little city of Noto called the capital of Sicilian baroque. After the 1693 earthquake destroyed Noto, architects were hired to design Noto, helping it to become a masterpiece of baroque architecture. Entering through Porta Reale gateway you’ll take part in a baroque drama in its visual perfection. A succession of wonderful baroque churches and monasteries surrounding the Corso, the main street of Noto: San Francesco and the steep flight of steps that rise up to its entrance, San Carlo and its lovely tower, the large monasteries of Ss. Salvatore and of Santa Chiara where the cloistered nuns spent their life in absolute solitude. Get surprised by the impressive Cathedral facing the morning sun and the grand facade of Palazzo Ducezio, the Town Hall. Enjoy a stroll on Via Nicolaci street where the griffons, lions, sirens, cherub horses of Palazzo Nicolaci’s balconies look down on you. Welcome to Noto, the Sicilian Garden of stone.

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